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How To Apply For A Job Online (And ACTUALLY Get An Interview)

You're obviously here because you want to know how to apply for a job online (and ACTUALLY get an interview).

If you're sick and tired of wasting your precious time filling out hundreds of online job applications and not hearing back, you're not alone. Unfortunately, you're doing it ALL wrong… In fact, just filling out the job application and submitting your resume on Indeed or Monster isn't even CLOSE to enough to get a call from a recruiter.… Read the rest

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In Search of Jobs in the Middle East

In this video, we hear about what it’s like to be young in today’s Casablanca, as we follow the personal journey of Hamza Rashih, a young man trying to set up his own pastry shop. With 60 percent of the population in the Middle East and North Africa under the age of 30, creating more jobs and better opportunities is essential for future stability.… Read the rest

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