If you want to veer off the queue of job seekers after graduation from college, watch this.

The best route to making it in life is to be self-employed and that begins from institution if you don't want to spend thousands on shoes searching for job. 90% of graduates find it difficult to secure themselves a job after graduation just because they centered their education on academics alone.

The reason why most student are scared of graduating to end up walking under the scorching sun searching for job and the way out of it is been elucidated in this video .… Read the rest

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7. LinkedIn Jobs

Short video tutorial for students and recent graduates outlining how to use the LinkedIn jobs feature and why it is useful, including how to find out how to set your job search preferences, letting recruiters know you are looking for opportunities and how to find out if anyone in your network knows anyone working at companies of interest.
This is the second in our series of LinkedIn tutorials

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