LinkedIn job search session? | That Indian Guy

Vlog Episode # 21.

LinkedIn -.

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LinkedIn job search session? | That Indian Guy

Vlog Episode #21

LinkedIn -

Previous Video: Never be late for an appointment in the US -
Next Video: 6 Hours of labs back to back -

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26 Responses to “LinkedIn job search session? | That Indian Guy”

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  1. Mehdi Ben says:

    Nice video !! good luck

  2. Sunal Mittal says:

    Haha I felt as if you made this video specially to tell me that you can endorse someone’s skills even if you aren’t connected.

  3. Sparsh Gupta says:

    please make a linked in video…it will be helpful

  4. Shaunak Guharay says:

    Not sure if you realize your folly, but you CANT endorse people on LinkedIn, whom you are not connected with. Try viewing your profile as how it appears to public, there will be no option to endorse you.

  5. Tafseer Khan says:

    you’ve put on so much weight

  6. That Indian Guy says:

    I apologize for that small error I made in the video. I didn’t realize you cannot endorse someone’s skills without being connected. Thanks for correcting me there

  7. Bhargav Reddy says:

    Please make a linkedin session .I am in same position as yours in India .No sessions here ๐Ÿ™ .can you make it on basis of what heard it in session .It would be really helpful .

  8. salman abrez says:

    Can u name other YouTube pages like (thatindianguy)

  9. Jagdeep Jordan says:

    Haha… You better start playing basketball bro.

  10. That Indian Guy says:

    Check out “Happy Schools Blog”

  11. Amey Sanap says:

    when are you uploading the video about banking and other formalities?

  12. vikas gahlaut says:

    bro i am an indian studying in class 11 want to study in usa mechanical or electrical engineering cant pay much to the college plz guide me with some colleges best ones which can give financial aids and to the international students

  13. That Indian Guy says:

    +Amey Sanap Its already up, check it out!

  14. Amey Sanap says:

    Can you make a special video for banking and social security number. Thanks in advance

  15. I am nikki says:

    I wish u showed little more of things happening around you, rather than just talking to us the entire vlog

  16. sangram mohite says:

    hey buddy it a request pls show us the campus canteen of utd

  17. sangram mohite says:

    make a vlog of campus buddy !!!!

  18. That Indian Guy says:

    +sangram mohite Hey check it out on my channel. I have already made a vlog specially about the UTD Campus and the Dining Hall

  19. That Indian Guy says:

    +I am nikki Alright I’ll keep in mind of that for my next vlog.

  20. Hitesh Vaidya says:

    Hi Harsh, please tell me how do vegetarians manage their food requirements in US? Because in US even egg is considered as veg. and in India it’s not the case.

  21. Vivek Ren says:

    “”Unlike in India where only and Unit and final test matters”” From where did you get this theory ??

  22. lol _01 says:

    +Hitesh Vaidya yes it is !
    dairy products and eggs are vegetarian products .
    the people who don’t eat eggs or diary products are vegan .

  23. elvis singh says:

    yeah definitely i would love to know how to make network with company on LinkedIn plz share what you got..

  24. Vijay Soni says:

    Can you please tell us about your B-Tech/B.E. grades, pointer and all other academics.

  25. vidsmaza05 says:

    please male linkedin video too

  26. NDx says:

    do you talk with nuts in your mouth? ??? Anyway, Thanks man, Your videos are helpful.

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