6 Essential Job Hunting Tips!

Where we share 6 vital suggestions to help you discover a task!

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6 Essential Job Hunting Tips!

In which we share 6 essential tips to help you find a job!

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Created by:
Emma Mills & T. Michael (Mike) Martin
Emma and Mike are also Young Adult novelists!
Check out Mike's novels, MR. FAHRENHEIT and THE END GAMES, at all online booksellers, including
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T. Michael Martin

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32 Responses to “6 Essential Job Hunting Tips!”

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  1. Whimsical Pictures says:

    Just in time! So need this rn

  2. William Jakespeare says:

    I totally have a linkedin account just so employers look there before youtube facebook and twitter.

  3. amiablehacker says:

    Hey I’m looking for a job. Good to know I’m already doing it right. MY TIP: Apply for all jobs you *think* you qualify for. If something seems a little out of your skill set but the job interests you, apply anyway! You never know!

  4. Sonja Lund says:

    askamanager.org is a FANTASTIC blog with lots of job hunting advice. Everyone should check it out!

  5. mixttime says:

    Yeah, many jobs list requirements a bit above what they really require. Might not be worth your time if it is way past you, but hey the worst they can do is not hire you.

  6. Greg Sherman says:

    It’s about the journey.

  7. Bells Hell says:

    I love this! And I’ll probably start working on all of these (specially the linked in bit) as soon as I’m done with exams, but do you guys have any tips for people with no experience? And I mean that litteraly, I’ve been luckily (or unluckily depending on how you look at it) very sheltered and haven’t had to work so far in my life, but I want to build my resume for when I graduate… so any tips? ;-;

  8. Monique Ocampo says:

    Any tips on how to handle a job fair?

  9. TheGov says:

    Maybe you could start with some volunteer work?

  10. Margaret Moon says:

    There are often job hunting support groups that can really be an asset when job hunting. Check these out. Not only do they often have job leads, they can help you with resume critiques, analyze your interviewing skills, and generally keep your spirits up.

  11. Laety says:

    Be careful with job posting websites. If you upload your CV on your profile and you receive emails from companies you have not applied to, always check online what the company is (obviously) and what other people say about it. My partner got an email from a company that was recruiting for ‘salespeople’ for another company (Bell, if you’re in QC/Canada). It was a very pyramidal, door-to-door position where you would be paid only for what you sold to people. We found dozens of people who had the same experience, some of them who went pretty far in the company before quitting. Very shady thing for such a tiring job.

  12. TheDajamster says:

    Here’s how I got many of my previous jobs: After submitting the application, I’d show up briefly, every Monday, at about the same time. I’d pop in with my brightest smile and a cheerful greeting, asking if they have any openings this week. They eventually took the hint.

  13. Your Meme Daddy says:

    It is a good idea to look at google map and see all the local businesses in your area so you can know what you might want.

  14. iCEE vOGUE 〈3 says:

    Thanku for this. I’ve had a few interviews, and now just waiting for a call back. Im still searching tho. DON’T PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET!

  15. Kalliste says:

    When I was just fresh out of school I looked at low skill jobs. Retail, fastfood etc. They’re not the most fun but they will probably hire you and give you a bit of experience to work with. Also, depending on what you’ve been studying call centres/help desks always need people. The work isn’t for everyone though and can be very stressful if it isn’t the right fit for you.

  16. Rebecca Oratto says:

    How do you gain experience to get the job without the job because you don’t have experience?

  17. Baegels says:

    Option 1: You get qualifications and write up how that benefits the company you’e applying for. Option 2 – which may be even better, depending on the field – Help a charity institution! Sure you work for free there, but it’s the perfect thing to start talking about in an interview. When you do similar tasks there as in the job you’re applying for – the better. Many people in Europe just do voluntary work because it’s easier to find jobs when you do. As mentioned in the video as well – networking is key. Maybe you find some people there who know about a free position, who knows!

  18. СестрыПоОружию says:

    My personal strategy is to send my CV to any company that interests me. In my country (Austria), it’s quite common that an internship or job opening isn’t online, simply because the HR department hasn’t had the time to post it yet. If you’re lucky, you can get an accidental head start and maybe even be the only person they interview for the position. Granted, with this strategy, you will be rejected a lot (obviously), but you’ll also be on a short list of sorts should there ever be an opening you’re suitable for.
    Also, don’t expect to land your dream job right away, especially if you don’t actually have any practical experience in your field. Also, don’t just sit around at home while you’re applying for jobs. Work in retail or service, maybe as a waiter or cashier, until you find what you’re looking for. Future employers will appreciate that you weren’t just gaming at home all the time – plus, big empty periods in your CV are often hard to explain in interviews.

  19. Mostly Stylish says:

    Alison is amazing! Her advice on cover letters is definitely how I landed my current job.

  20. Crystalvampire66 says:

    If you have a job centre or a public job board in town definitely make use of it. Head out with some spare resumes and check for listings

  21. M1KEB- says:

    I think the real key to this one is find a company that doesn’t care you don’t have experience. I know a lot of jobs want you to already have experience but I have found many companies are in a position that they can’t be picky; like a start-up or company that is critically understaffed.

  22. Occupy Kyoto says:

    That tasty royalty free music

  23. Vaughn H says:

    Omgosh thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  24. Funzo says:

    Be open to “tweaking” your resume, too. If you really want a shot at that job 30 miles away and have a relative or friend who lives in that area, use their address on your resume. An employer almost always prefers local applicants and (especially if it’s a relative’s house) it’s perfectly legit.

  25. Stubbay says:

    After all that nonsense a few years back, I now keep things like FB on private while job hunting.

  26. Alicia Halhed says:

    I’ve been to a few and here’s what I’d recommend:
    1 – Rehearse your ‘elevator pitch’ (you in a nutshell) – recruiters are busy at job fairs, so you’ll only have a short period of time to impress them/get them to remember you
    2 – dress business casual, not too fancy, but not ripped jeans & a hoodie, I have found that dressing well is a confidence booster
    3 – do some research beforehand, if possible – find out which companies are going to be there and look into them so you can manage your time effectively when you’re there (because you know who you want to talk when you get there)
    4 – follow up – this is just like the thank you email after an interview, the recruiter will likely have a business card – let them know you were happy to speak with them

  27. macnutpro13 says:

    I just learned that I might have moved myself to the front of the line when a higher up person discovered ive been in to the place of possible employment a couple times already and filled out an application. Hopefully, when this company figures out what they are doing, I have a really good shot.

  28. Maria says:

    I know right ;-; I just graduated from high school and I have to adult…

  29. Neptune Atlas says:

    I am not an adult yet. But its good to see that you are watching out for other people. Much thanks in advance.

  30. Frank McClain says:

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  31. shubham choudhary says:

    sir please tell me how to get job in research and development dipartment for mechanical engineer

  32. Ronald Marce says:

    Maria so how is adulting like, right now? Im only a sophomore

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